Dependable Systems Engineering

Autonomous systems are becoming used more and more in various industrial and other application domains, e.g. in automotive applications and transportation, surveillance, rescue, construction industry, or in home-care.

These systems take over activities traditionally performed by humans, are often safety critical and need to be highly reliable, available and maintainable. Therefore, the dependability and risk control becomes crucial, requiring new paradigms and methodologies for software development as well as for system validation through appropriate analysis and tests.  

Our ambition at AIT is to make autonomous and complex systems highly reliable and safe. Research within the Safety and Security Department aims at development of novel methods and tools for testing, validation, and verification of complex and safety-relevant systems. Focus of application is autonomous vehicles, rail, robotics, and the automotive sector. For the latter, we develop methods and tools used to design in-vehicle communication networks and to simulate the entire data flow and effect chain for standard bus systems e.g. LIN, CAN and FlexRay.


We offer contract research and innovation as well as qualified evaluation and assessment:

  • Methods and tools

  • Certification, analysis, and design

  • Operational oversight and active participation