The TELplus project will provide major building blocks for TEL (The European Library) and for the creation of the next generation European digital library (EDL – also known as Europeana).

TELplus will serve to expand of The European Library through the addition of new content and the processing of millions of existing digital materials to become more accessible and usable. Its centralized index provides cross-European, multilingual access to cultural and scientific content, as well as to added-value services to citizens and researchers worldwide.

The project runs from October 2007 to December 2009 and is a Targeted Project within the European Commission’s eContentplus Programme.

The DME-Group of the AIT is a primary software developer, responsible for the Service Infrastructure and the Annotation Framework.


  • Starting date: October 2007
  • Duration: 27 Months
  • Budget: 6,5 Million €
  • Funding: 3,25 Million € from the EU
  • Coordination: National Library of Estonia
  • Partner: 25 from 20 countries