Europeana Creative

The Europeana Creative project will enable and promote greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by Europe’s creative industries. The online portal Europeana provides access to more than 26 million digitised cultural heritage objects from Europe’s libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual collections.

The Europeana Creative project sets out to demonstrate that Europeana can facilitate the creative re-use of digital cultural heritage content and associated metadata. The re-use of digital content is an essential part of the Digital Agenda for Europe. Several activities are already stimulating the re-use of cultural heritage in order to demonstrate the social and economic value of cultural content. With the publication of the Europeana metadata under the terms of the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) in September 2012, further development of innovative applications based on this metadata is now possible. Europeana Creative takes this a step further by facilitating re-use of the digital objects themselves.

The project will build an “Open Laboratory Network” called Open Culture Lab, as an online platform to be used in special physical laboratories available in several European cities. These laboratories provide support of domain experts; facilitate access to software tools and high quality content used for experimentation purposes in order to address specific economic challenges of Creative Industries sector.  Moreover, within the scope of the project will be defined the legal and economic aspects of content reuse and the technical infrastructure allowing integration in third party applications will be built. The project partners develop a set of pilot applications in Education (history and natural history), Tourism, Social Networking and Design domains.

Within the Europeana Creative project AIT will contribute to the development of Tourism and Design pilots. In the same time, AIT coordinates the implementation of Backend Services and APIs,  and develops the Image Similarity and Management of User Generated Content services. 


  •     Starting Date: February 2013
  •     Duration: 30 Months
  •     Funding: Co-financed by the European Commision through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), the ICT Policy Support Programme
  •     Coordination: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Österreich
  •     Partners: over 25 Partners across Europe