The BackMeUp project was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG under COIN - sponsored program “Cooperation and Networks.”

The volume of sensitive data in the Internet is constantly increasing, and applications in Web 2.0 and cloud computing are enjoying an enormous rise in popularity, despite the dangers that come with them. The (personal) digital heritage of millions of users thus finds itself in the hands of a very few Web service and social network providers, which may decide at any time to either terminate or charge for their heretofore free services.

Economic changes, the purchase of companies, or the bankruptcy of service providers are just a few examples that can lead to a loss of crucial digital data. There can be particularly serious consequences for companies if a service is not available for days or hours or if data is lost due to a server shutdown by the provider.

BackMeUp brought together partners with complementary expertise from business, technology, legal and social policy

On 30.10.2012, X-Net (the project coordinator) has been awarded the Rudolf Trauner prize for particularly interesting cooperative projects with universities, research centers, or technical colleges (Fachhochschulen) for the BackMeUp project.