ASSETS is a 2 year project- co-funded by the CIP Policy Support Programme- which aims to improve the usability of Europeana by developing, implementing and deploying software services focused on search, browsing and interfaces.

ASSETS strives also to make more digital items available on Europeana by involving content providers across different cultural environments.
ASSETS is notably addressed to: Museums/Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Research & Education Organizations, Cultural Portals, Publishers, Private companies active in digital libraries.

The heart of the project is the enhancement of the usability and accessibility of Europeana through a set of software services aimed at providing the Europeana user with a truly satisfactory experience

Software Services

ASSETS will provide Europeana with software services, applicable to all digital libraries, which include:

  • Searching multimedia objects based on metadata and on content similarity
  • Ranking algorithms for improved result display (including also a ranking function for object surrogates)
  • Browsing multimedia objects for rapid navigation through semantic cross-links
  • Audio content annotation and indexing (services for the automatic description and content enrichment of music audio data and for the fast retrieval of music audio content)
  • Interfaces especially designed for interacting with multimedia objects
  • Definition of an abstraction layer dedicated to search
  • Planning long-term access to digital information
  • Ingestion of metadata requiring normalization, cleaning, knowledge extraction and mapping to a common structure