Complex Dynamical Systems

The research field of this group deals with mathematical modelling, simulation, analysis, identification, optimisation and control of complex dynamical systems. Mathematical modelling, systems theory and control make up an interdisciplinary science covering a large field of applications ranging from microelectronic components to dynamic drive and sensor systems, energy and communication systems, medical engineering and complex production systems.


  • Real-time process optimization and control (economic NMPC, ILC, RHE, UKF)
  • Digital twin (design / process data / model)
  • Real-time high performance automation architectures
  • Continuous process and quality monitoring
  • Robust and reliable decision making systems


  • Advanced handling (manipulator and gripper design, robot-robot & human-machine interaction, advanced motion and force control)
  • Smart production (main focus process industry, heating & cooling systems, logistic systems)


  • Increased flexibility, modularity, adaptability, interoperability
  • Quality, precision, process reliability, function2software
  • Overall equipment efficiency, zero-waste, emission reduction