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Materialography – Macro- and Microscopic Microstructure Examinations

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The microstructure is the fundamental quantity for determining material properties. The close collaboration of highly experienced technologists with scientific specialists for nearly every task enables in-depth analyzes of the materials and relates these to the respective process conditions. Thus, problems in the manufacturing process can be identified, e.g. with respect to casting and forming parameters, heat treatments or the input of foreign material, and can subsequently be remedied.

Our Services

  • Preparation and documentation of sections of metallic materials and composite material samples
  • Section analysis according to test standard as well as beyond that so as to be tailored to the respective Task
  • Micromechanical analysis (down to individual phases) by means of Vickers microhardness measurement
  • Quantitative determination of particle and cell sizes
  • Documentation and evaluation of samples from forming and heat treatment tests
  • Confocal white light microscopy: 3D surface profiles for quality and wear documentation

Test ProcedurePerformance ParametersApplication
Microstructure characterisation
  • Section preparation;
  • Recordings in incident light and with polarising filter
  • Magnification up to 1000x

Optimisation of casting parameters

Evaluation of element influences of complex material composites, weld seams, etc..

Particle size measurement
  • Linear intercept method
  • a few μm up to several mm

Influence of particle refining or cooling rates

Microstructural homogeneity

Microhardness measurement
  • Microhardness measurement according to Vickers
  • 1g to 1000g impression weight

Effect of heat treatment parameters

Mechanical analysis of individual phases

Topology measurement

Confocal white light microscopy

  • vertical: ≥20nm
  • Lateral: several cm

Preparation of surface profiles

3D documentation of surface qualities

Abrasion depths, etc.

Fracture surface analysisStereomicroscopy, SE-REM analysis

Analysis of fracture types

structural and chemical analysis of inclusions

Accredited testing methods

  • LKR-interne Arbeitsanweisung W51-MD03-LKR: "Gefügecharakterisierung von Aluminium und Magnesiumlegierungen mittels Licht- und Stereomikroskopie"
  • DIN EN ISO 6507-1: "Metallische Werkstoffe – Härteprüfung nach Vickers, Teil 1: Prüfverfahren", akkreditiert für Eindruckgewichte von 50 g und 100 g (HV0,05 und HV0,1)
  • ASTM E 112-13: "Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size", akkreditiert für Linienschnittverfahren