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Transport is a key enabler of economic and social activity, but it also generates environmental impacts like noise, vibration or air pollutant emissions. Road and rail networks, while providing necessary mobility, also generate negative environmental impacts like noise, vibrations, air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Moreover they are regarded as the dominant sources of noise in urban areas and along main traffic routes.

Transport infrastructure providers and managers as well as their suppliers need support in achieving an environmentally beneficial transport system. Contributing to this objective requires an understanding of the underlying mechanisms governing the environmental effects and an insight into the capabilities of mitigation measures.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology conducts research and development in the areas of Acoustics and Noise Abatement. The AIT specialists combine ultra-precise measurements taken on site with comprehensive simulations in order to model traffic-related noise emissions numerically. The results of measurements and simulations form the basis for the development of low-noise road surfaces and help manufacturers of noise protection devices to develop and infrastructure operators to implement effective noise protection measures along particularly noisy routes.

Our services:

Road surfaces

  • Tyre/road noise and pass-by noise measurements for acoustic characterisation of road surfaces and low noise pavements
  • Modelling and analysis of tyre-road interaction using sound field simulations and measurement tools regarding noise emission and rolling resistance

Noise barriers

  • Acoustic measurement and analysis of noise barriers in terms of effectiveness and long-term behaviour (in-situ method)
  • Optimisation of noise barriers in terms of geometry, surface, materials and positioning using simulation techniques (FEM, BEM, etc.)
  • Forecasting of effectiveness of noise protection measures using sound field (BEM, FEM) and sound propagation simulations (e.g. ray-tracing methods)

Noise Emission and Abatement

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