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PowerPack Immobilie II

"PowerPack Immobilie II- Technical concepts and recommendations for action for energy flexible building operation" is the industry project of "Facility Management Austria (FMA)" and 7 industry partners for the development of the requirements for the grid-friendly buildings of the future.

Based on the results of the project "PowerPack Immobilie I", AIT is developing a mission statement for energy flexible buildings, that supports thermal- and electrical grids as an energy storage in form of a "PowerPack Immobilie", which efficiently combine renewable energy such as photovoltaics and electromobility.

The interaction in groups buildings and its flexibility management will be analyzed on the basis of 6 different demo-projects to assess economical and sustainability potential. Specifically, the following building types are considered:

  • Logistics center
  • Public buildings (schools)
  • residential buildings
  • office buildings
  • Buildings of SMEs (manufacturing companies)

These building types are selected in such a way that extrapolations on a national level are possible and the Austria-wide potential of the "PowerPack Immobilie" is reliably and quantitatively represented. The use of measured monitoring data from the buildings supports the validity of the findings and solution approaches. The developed technical approaches provide a scientifically basis for discussion, to support fact-based decision-making for the conceptual design of future buildings, refurbishment actions and operational optimization of existing buildings.

Based on these challenges (on the technical, organizational, economic and legal levels), recommendations actions for the facility management industry and political actors are developed. This allows the industry to meet future requirements and to exploit the full potential of energy-flexible buildings and building networks in the Austrian market.

The project "PowerPack Immobilie II" is supported by a broad majority of the FM-industry, which results in knowledge sharing and discussing results and approaches in several partner workshops. The findings of the project will be presented at the FMA's FM-Days in September 2021, where all stakeholders will be involved.

Project duration

01.07.2020 till 30.09.2021

Project partner in the consortium

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Center for Energy

Facility Management Austria (FMA) Client and project coordinator

Belimo Automation Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

BP Europa SE, branch BP Austria

Post AG - Post.Immobilien

ÖSW AG - immo 360 grad gmbh

Siemens AG Austria

Peneder Holding GmbH

Federal Real Estate Company M.B.H

Funding programme

FFG Basic Programme