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OpenNES - ICT Solution for Integration of Renewables

The massive deployment of distributed generators from renewable sources in recent years has led to a fundamental paradigm change in terms of plan-ning and operation of the electric power system. Smart Grids are one of the most promising solutions to use the existing grid infrastructure in a more efficient way, thus allowing higher penetration levels of renewables.To leverage the benefits of such intelligent power grids, it will be necessary to develop new infor-mation and communication solutions, automation architectures and control strategies. However, a common and formal modelling concept for energy applications used in Smart Grids and distributed energy resources is still missing. Moreover, the scalability and openness of today’s utility automa-tion systems needs to be improved due to the lack of common and open interfaces, as well as the usage of a multitude of different protocols.OpenNES addresses these shortcomings through the development of an open and interoperable information and automation solution for the inte-gration of distributed energy resources in the Smart Grid context. The OpenNES approach com-prises therefore:

•   remote programmable device functions,

•   an appropriate modelling method for distributed energy resources, and 

•   a generic and open communication infrastruc-ture.

One important result of the OpenNES project is the validation of the overall approach in the partner’s laboratory environments. With this proof-of-concept, an evaluation of the OpenNES approach can be performed, and the main benefits of this highly innovate approach can be shown.

The OpenNES demonstrator will make a flexible and adaptable automation system available that is able to fulfil future requirements of the Smart Grid.

Project title: OpenNES - Open and Interoperable ICT Solution for Integration of ReNewablES

Application Domain: Intelligent energy networks – Smart Grids

Thematic area: Open and interoperable ICT solutions

Consortium Manager: Thomas Strasser, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, www.ait.ac.at

Other consortium Partners

Fronius International GmbH

Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH

Period: 2014-2017