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High speed inline imaging for optical surface metrology


Fast optical 3D inline inspection sensors are a powerful tool to advance factory automation. Many of these visual inspection tasks require high speeds, high resolutions, and repeatability. Stereo vision, photometric stereo, light sectioning, and structured light are the most common principles for inline imaging in the several micro-meters to sub-millimeter resolution range. Selecting the correct sensor principle can be challenging as manufacturers’ datasheets frequently use different values to describe their systems and do not stick to proposed characterizations defined by the “Initiative Fair Data Sheet” or the VDE/VDI standards.


Lukas Traxler represented the AIT at inVISION TechTalks on Surface Metrology

In his TechTalk Lukas Traxler (research group High-Performance Vision Systems, AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control) discussed which of these parameters are relevant to handle specific problems e.g. measurement of roughness or surface geometry. He also presented and compared different optical methods such as Light Field Imaging, Structured Light, Stereo setups and Laser line triangulation. The comparison was conducted on typical applications using standardized parameters and showed the pros and cons of each technology.


How to select the correct sensor for specific applications

Furthermore, he showcased that different goals in inspection (such as depth of field, speed, or reconstruction of small details) determine which of these methods is best suited for the inspection task at hand.
As a specific outcome, the results of the benchmark study will help end users to select the correct sensor for specific applications.




The study has been recently published:
“Experimental Comparison of Optical Inline 3D Measurement and Inspection Systems”
IEEE Access, Volume 9
Page(s): 53952 - 53963
01.04. 2021
Electronic ISSN: 2169-3536
DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3070381
Publisher: IEEE


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