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100 Future Topics for the Austrian Parliament



How does "robo-journalism" actually work? What are "metal lenses", "exoskeletons" or "smart spaces"? These and more than 100 other exciting future topics can now be found in scientifically prepared form on the new blog "Specialised Information on Current Parliamentary Topics". 

The new technology and future trends are explained briefly and concisely with the help of clear graphics. The future potential of the new technology trends is explored in the short articles and possible need for action in the present is pointed out. "The articles offer a good opportunity to quickly and comprehensively inform oneself about socially relevant future topics," says Dana Wasserbacher from the AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy.

The individual topics were scientifically developed and prepared by the AIT in cooperation with the ITA (Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences) for the Austrian Parliament. The semi-annual Monitoring Report for the Austrian Parliament by AIT and ITA contains the collected  future topics for the Austrian Parliament and can be accessed via the Parliament website. The next report will be available at the beginning of June.

In addition to current future topics, the new parliament blog also includes short articles on budget and judicial analyses and democracy research.