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AIT bei der SMART CITY Expo in Barcelona

International Leading Event for Smart City Solutions

During this international expert meeting on Smart City topics AIT presented, in co-operation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), at the SMART CITY EXPO in Barcelona innovative projects like the European lighthouse projects „Smarter Together“ and „Ruggedised“. Under the title ‚Urban Transformation‘, solutions from the fields energy planning, environmental technologies, ICT, mobility, and Governance were presented. Among them was e.g. the software "Travel Mode Identification" which can be easily integrated in different Smartphone Apps and identifies automatically the chosen mode, and the consulting service EXPERIENCE which allows AIT to evaluate interactively the infrastructure designs and information and orientation systems by means of virtual reality, allowing persons to orientate themselves. 

In addition, the AIT was represented in its role as the co-ordinator of the EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities (EERA JPSC) running the EERA-booth at the SMART CITY EXPO. The EERA JPSC is a network of European research entities, with the target of developing innovative methods and tools for smart and energy-efficient cities and implementing them all over Europe. For this issue, promoting the network and its activities is a core task of AIT, for which the SMART CITY EXPO offered a perfect framework.

The 2016 edition of Smart City Expo World Congress brought together more than 16,000 participants from 400 cities, and more than 600 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, and well-known stakeholders and delegates from science and research. They all were united by a common purpose: to gather information on technologies and innovation for making life in the cities of the future better, healthier and more sustainable. In this sense, the EXPO offered a perfect platform for intensive exchange and networking. 

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