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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Alpbach Technology Symposium 2022

Alpbach: Meeting place for the technology community
Forum Alpbach TEC from August 25 to 27, 2022.

After two years in which the European Forum Alpbach was held virtually or hybrid due to the Corona pandemic, the high-level talks in the Tyrolean mountains will be held again this year as a face-to-face event: The technology community will meet from Thursday, August 25, to Saturday, August 27, to debate current and burning future issues.
The Plenary and Content Partner Sessions will follow the four thematic tracks of the European Forum Alpbach:

  • Securing Europe’s Future in a Globalised World
  • The Climate Opportunity
  • The Financing of Europe’s Future
  • The Future of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe

The topics range from "Info Wars" to the energy transition and health technologies to securing global value chains. The program will be complemented by numerous networking and community events. 
The Forum Alpbach TEC is organized in the proven manner of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and ORF Radio Ö1. A yearbook is also in preparation this year, this time on the all-pervasive topic of "Artificial Intelligence". 
Link to European Forum Alpbach website: www.alpbach.org

Connecting with the TEC Community

TEC at European Forum Alpbach August 25-27, 2022

International supply chains, which have been the lifelines of the global economy for decades, are running anything but smoothly in the current crisis: closed ports and slaughterhouses, lack of containers, lack of truck drivers, etc. mean that supply routes for the industry, but also for the global food supply, have become uncertain. Top-class experts from science and practice, among them WIFO Director Gabriel Felbermayr, Stefan Thurner (Complexity Science Hub Vienna), Charles Godfray (Oxford University), and Andreas Gerstenmayer (AT&S), will analyse the underlying common mechanisms for seemingly unrelated developments from the perspective of complexity research and practice. Which paths could lead to a more resilient future? Is local production desirable, and to what extent is global production inevitable? Can transparency in supply networks be a game changer? What should policymakers do? The debate aims to lay a solid foundation for conceptualising a more resilient and climate-friendly global economic system.

The programme of the Alpbach Technology Talks 2022 comprises two full days with 40 hours of high-profile debates in more than 20 plenary sessions, workshops and partner sessions. In addition, there will be plenty of networking opportunities at numerous side events. 

The debates will focus on the multiple crises we are currently facing (pandemic, energy crisis, climate change, inflation, Ukraine war) and from which ways out have to be found - with technology playing a central role. The plenary session will cover topics ranging from infowars and the energy transition to modern health technologies and securing global value chains. The traditional RTI Talk will also address the challenges facing policymakers in overcoming the crisis and the role of the arts in the necessary transformations of society and the economy. Content sessions on areas such as microelectronics, fake news, trust, climate protection in mobility and industry, the merging of people and technology, and artificial intelligence (which is also the subject of this year's Technology Symposium Yearbook) will provide further in-depth coverage. The program is complemented by numerous networking and community events - many opportunities for the technology community to meet and talk.

Secure your participation and save the date August 25-27, 2022.

See you in Alpbach!