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circuit board with the AIT logo placed on it

Alpbach Technology Symposium 2019

"Liberty and Security" is the general topic of the European Forum Alpbach 2019


This year's technology talks are approaching the rapid technological and social developments from the perspective of "Liberty and Security". The Internet and the ability to connect everything have already created unimaginable freedoms, promised information and education for all, but also illustrated the dark sides such as cybercrime, bullying or targeted information manipulation. Things now also expand our senses; Clever assistants and robots, coupled with artifical intelligence, take unpleasant work away from us. They yearbook "Discussing Technology", which is published at the end of the technology talks, also deals with topics like these under the title "Cyber Security". So how do we want to shape the digital world? The technology talks are trying to provide answers. At the same time, an exciting accompanying exhibition will be on display, spanning the arc from art to technology. 

For more details: https://www.alpbach.org/de/event/tec19/