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Alpbach Technology Symposium 2020

"Fundamentals" is the general topic of the European Forum Alpbach 2020


European Forum Alpbach 2020 -
General Topic „Fundamentals“ | 23. August bis 03. September 2020

Some of the foundations that are believed to be certain have slipped in 2020, but also before that - and not just in politics. This makes it appealing to try to question the foundations on which our activities in Alpbach are based, to put some supposed beasic knowledge to the test and to peel out those principles that are indispensable for us. From the point of view of the Forum, this includes above all the European House, which urgently needs to be completed in order to offer peace, sufficient economic prospects and vibrant democratic structures to all people in Europe and beyond.

During the Corona crisis, it became clear that precisely when the Member States of the Union were most in need of effective cooperation in the fight against the virus, they anxiously withdrew into national structures and tried to solve everything on their own. Such a development is fatal for everyone in Europe. The Alpbach Forum is therefore more than ever called upon to provide a framework for all those who work daily for a united Europe to network and respond with confidence and ideas to the great challenges of our time.

Hybrid format with large online conference

In the 75th year the EFA is reinventing itself. This year's forum will take place in hybrid form - i. e. with a reduced presence in Alpbach on site and with a strong digital component. In the first EFA online conference, the "Spirit of Alpbach" is to be carried around the world more than ever. Young people also have a special role to play this year. Alumni organisations of the forum on four continents contribute more than 50 events to the conference.

If you want to participate, you also cannot buy a ticket for Alpbach on site this year, but purchase access to the 12-day online conference for a comparatively low price. The digital version is intended to provide a real conference experience for all participants, although this year, for once, it is not possible to gather in Alpbach. It is not an ordinary streaming. You can get in touch with the speakers, meet for networking, exchange digital business cards. This year, Alpbach will be wherever you are and working in the spirit of a united Europe and a world of solidarity. Tickets from 13. July at: 2020.alpbach.org.

„Alpbach in Motion“ – The Alpbach Summit of Emerging Leaders
One of the most important goals of the European Forum Alpbach is the participation of young people. In the context of the "Alpbach Summit of Emerging Leaders" from 30. August to 1 August. In September, around 40 young European leaders came together to discuss the economic system of the future.



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