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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Let‘s think sustainable

Sustainability is in the genes of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. Both research projects and internal processes are geared towards resource conservation and suitability for grandchildren.

In the AIT's self-image, the basic values of sustainability are the responsible use of resources and a correspondingly focused corporate management. Building on the current AIT strategy "Research and Innovation for a Sustainable and Competitive Position in the Digital Age", sustainability and corporate social responsibility are central to all phases of AIT's service delivery: these principles are firmly anchored in all of AIT's business areas and processes.

On the one hand, our core business at AIT, research, is consistently focused on sustainability: Many research projects that AIT conducts together with Parnter:innen in Austria, Europe and beyond run along the themes of the European Green Deal and EU missions - from adaptation to climate change to climate-neutral cities and the protection of natural resources. The more environmentally friendly and efficient new developments are brought to market as innovations, the higher the impact of AIT.

Sustainable Research

On the other hand, sustainability is a firmly integrated component in all areas such as human resources management, gender & diversity and compliance, which ensures adherence to important standards and rules of the company. This is made possible by the established, closely coordinated system of structures, processes and regulations at AIT.

In addition, the idea of sustainability - let's think sustainable - is also an integral part of supporting processes and measures. For example, sustainable procurement is carried out in accordance with the relevant guidelines of the Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK). In the area of building and laboratory infrastructure, a cross-organizational planning process was developed that comprehensibly takes up the idea of sustainable building development as well as in energy and renovation issues.

At the Seibersdorf site, optimized land use, the best possible avoidance of land sealing and the greening of green spaces are of great importance. AIT's mobility management includes travel guidelines, fleet management (electric vehicles with charging options at the sites) and advising employees on their choice of mobility options.

Ecologisation Seibersdorf