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DG DemoNet Validation

Active operation of electric distribution grids with a high share of distributed renewable energy generation – validation of voltage control concepts

In rural distribution network structures, typical for Austria, the increase of voltage through the feeding in of decentralised energy generation plants has turned out to be the most important system limitation when integrating generation units. In the present project DG DemoNetz-Validierung the voltage control concepts for medium voltage networks developed in the former projects DG DemoNetz-Konzept and BAVIS will be implemented in reality in the analysed grid sections in Vorarlberg and Salzburg by using test platforms. This will allow validating the simulation results from the projects DG DemoNetz-Konzept and BAVIS in a field test. Main aim of the project is to integrate a maximum of distributed generation units based on renewable energy resources into the medium voltage distribution network without reinforcement of the network.


Klima- und Energiefonds

Vorarlberger Kraftwerke Netz AG

Salzburg Netz GmbH

Energie AG Oberösterreich Netz GmbH

Technische Universität Wien- Institut für elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft - Energy Economics Group

Siemens AG Österreich