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Knowledge & Talent Development

"Innovation Systems Knowledge & Talent Development Programme" is a Master Thesis and PhD Programme that connects the university based and non-university based research in the field of innovation science.

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It is a cooperation between the AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy and various Austrian Universities. Students of the Austrian partner universities can apply for the announced topics and get a grant to finalize their Master Thesis or PhD. They also get support from their mentor from AIT and the chance to publish a scientific article.  


Targets of the programme are

  • to establish a high-level education programme in the field of Innovation & Sustainability for Master or PhD students
  • Institutionalisation of the Innovation Systems programme cooperation between university and research
  • to develop highly-qualified human capacity for the Austrian innovation system

Target group

We expect from the applicants an extensive discussion of the chosen research question at the level of international scientific standards. This implicates additional work and expense and demands the willingness to take part in the discussion of the scientific community.

We are looking for candidates who look forward to a scientific career at a university, applied research institutions or who are willing to transcript their consolidated findings in politics or commerce. As a result of our intensive mentoring, we want our graduates to have the ability, to work independently at the level of highest international standards and to build the foundation for a successful scientific career.

We offer

  • intensive mentoring by experienced and internationally renowned experts from university and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • a work environment which is strongly oriented towards international research
  • embedding of the diploma thesis/master thesis/dissertation in projects and possibility to work in teams


Applicants must be registered at the university where they want to finish their PhD or Master Thesis. Applications for PhD and Master scholarship must be submitted per Email to beatrice.rath(at)ait.ac.at .

They have to include

  • a completed application form
  • a scientific CV
  • a brief description of the Master respectively Doctorates proposition including motivation, specification of the research question, relevant theoretical concepts, empirical approach, in particular a short description of the methodological approach, preliminary, bibliography, rudimentary time schedule

The thesis can be conducted in English or German.

Currently no tenders!