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Blockchain Grid

Blockchain-supported flexibility activation for distribution grid management.

Blockchain Grid is capable of revolutionizing the conventional approach to congestion management for distribution grids. The project demonstrates how to use remaining spare grid capacity (power, voltage bands) to the benefit of prosumers, rather than trying to solve pre-existing congestion situations. This approach is enabled by the high level of trusted automation that blockchain technology provides. Furthermore, the local generation surplus can be made available to other customers in the community or stored in the community battery for later use - with the goal of increasing the community's self-consumption.




29 months

Project partner

Styrian Energy Networks GmbH

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Siemens Austria AG

Energie Burgenland AG


Vorzeigeregion 2nd call for proposals

Project website


Links to publications

Bharath Varsh Rao, Mark Stefan, Roman Schwalbe, Franz Zeilinger, Alexander Schenk, Albin Frischenschlager, Peter Stern, Gregor Taljan: Grid Capacity Management for peer-to-peer Local Energy Communities

Mark Stefan, Paul Zehetbauer: Blockchain-based self-consumption optimization and energy trading in Renewable Energy Communities

Stephan Cejka, Franz Zeilinger, Peter Stern, Mark Stefan, Ksenia Poplavskaya, Gregor Taljan, Julia Petek: Data protection in Blockchain-based Renewable Energy Communities