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Researcher Profile

Dr. Dipl-Ing. Matthias Weber M.A.

Dr. Dipl-Ing. Matthias Weber M.A.


Head of Center


Innovation Systems & Policy

Competence Unit

Innovation Systems & Policy




+43 50550 4561


+43 50550 4599


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Innovation Policy and Transformation

Main Research: Foresight, Research and Innovation Policy, Complex Innovation Systems, Socio-Technical Transitions


Matthias Weber has  been working for more than twenty years as researcher and policy advisor on matters of research, technology and innovation policy, foresight, and the governance of socio-technical transitions. He has a background in process engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), political sciences (M.A.) and economics (Ph.D.).
At national he has led many projects funded by the Federal Austrian Ministries for Transport, Innovation and Technology and for Science, Research and Economy, the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Science Fund, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and the City of Vienna.
He coordinated several EU-funded projects, including NEMO (Network Models, Governance and R&D Collaboration Networks), INNOVA Sectoral Innovation Foresight, RIF (Research and Innovation Futures 2030. From Explorative to Transformative Scenarios), and - currently - BOHEMIA (Beyond the Horizon: Foresight in Support of the European Union's Future Research and Innovation Policy).
At international, he is regularly advising the OECD on matters of research and innovation policy, and UNIDO on strategies to foster research- and innovation-led economic development.
His thematic expertise covers a broad range of thematic areas, including information society, transport, energy, security, environment, and manufacturing as well as cross-cutting RTI-policy matters, in particular R&D collaboration networks in Europe, and priority setting.

  • 1993-2000: Marie-Curie Grantholder, Scientific Officer, Head of Sector
    European Commission, Joint Research Centre, IPTS Institute for Prospective Technological Studies / Spain/Italy
  • 1994-1995: Visiting Fellow
    University of Manchester, PREST Programme for Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology / United Kingdom
  • 2000-2016: Head of Unit Research, Technology and Innovation Policy
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Innovation Systems Department / Austria
  • 2002-2012: Lecturer
    Vienna University of Economics and Business / Austria
  • 2013-2013: Visiting Professor
    University of Graz, Institute for Systems, Innovation and Sustainability / Austria
  • 2017-: Head of Center
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Innovation Systems & Policy / Austria
  • 2019-: Visiting Professor
    Université Gustave Eiffel, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences, Innovations, Sociétés / France
  • 2002-2015: Member of the Scientific Steering Committee and since 2009 President of the European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network ETEPS
  • 2005: Member of the Key Technologies Expert Group (European Commission)
  • 2007-2008: Member the expert group Rationales for the European Research Area Expert Group (European Commission)
  • 2011-2014: Member and Chair of EFFLA European Forum on Forward-Looking Activities (European Commission)
  • 2014-2015: Member of Foresight Modelling Expert Group (European Commission)
  • 2014-2017: Member of RISE Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts High-Level Group (European Commission)
  • 2015-2017: Co-Chair of SFRI Strategic Foresight for Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020 Expert Group (European Commission)
  • since 2016: Member of the High-Level Group on Innovation Policy (European Council)
  • since 2016: Member of the Executive Committe of Eu-SPRI Forum
  • since 2018: AIT Representative to the Austrian IIASA Council
  • since 2019: Chair of the ERA 2030 Expert Group (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research)
  • 1993: Marie-Curie Fellowship


  • Adaptive Foresight. Navigating the complex landscape of policy strategies
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  • Legitimizing research, technology and innovation policies for transformative Change. Combining insights from innovation systems and multi-level perspective in a comprehensive ‘failures’ framework
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  • ICT-enabled system innovations in public services: Experiences from intelligent transport systems
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  • European sectoral innovation foresight: Identifying emerging cross-sectoral patterns and policy issues
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  • FTI-Politik im Spiegel von Theorie und Praxis: von Planung über Steuerung zu Governance;
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  • Proaktive Legitimation FTI-politischer Interventionen: Jenseits von Markt- und Systemversagen;
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  • Integrated long-term strategies to induce regime shifts to sustainability: The approach of Strategic Niche Management;
    Towards Environmental Innovation Systems

    Author(s): Hoogma R, Weber K.M., Elzen B.
    Publisher: Springer; Heidelberg; 2005; 205-232
    Series: Weber, K.M., Hemmelskamp, J.
  • The future of research and innovation;
    Die Gestaltung der Zukunft: wirtschaftliche, gesellschaftliche und politische Dimensionen von Innovation

    Author(s): Weber, K.M., Burgelman, J.C.
    Publisher: Echomedia; Vienna; 2015
    Series: Rat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung
  • ServPPINs as instruments for realizing system innovations: the case of transport;
    Public Private Innovation Networks in Services. The dynamics of Cooperation in Service Innovation

    Author(s): Weber M., Heller-Schuh B.
    Publisher: Edward Elgar; Cheltenham; 2013; 384-408
    Series: Gallouj F., Rubalcaba L. and Windrum P.
  • The Neo-Schumpeterian Element in the Sociological Analysis of Innovation;
    The Elgar Companion to Neo-Schumpterian Economics

    Author(s): Weber, K.M:
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  • Experimenting with Sustainable Transport Technologies. A workbook for Strategic Niche Management;

    Author(s): Weber M., Hoogma R., Lane B., Schot J.
    Publisher: University of Twente/European Commission; Enschede/Sevilla; 1999
  • .;
    Innovation, Complexity and Policy. Contributions from 30 years of innovation policy research in Austria

    Author(s): Weber, M. (ed.)
    Publisher: Peter Lang; Frankfurt a.M.; 2017; 978-3-631-72315-9
  • Policy Foresight (2014)
    University of Vienna
  • Sustainable Innovation (2013)
    University of Graz
  • Innovation Economics and Innovation Systems (2012)
    Vienna University of Economics and Businness, 2003-
  • Innovation Economics and Innovation Policy (2012)
    Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2003-
  • From disruptive technologies to transformative socio-technical change (2016)
    Aalto University Helsinki

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