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Researcher Profile

Dipl. Ing. Roland Bründlinger

Dipl. Ing. Roland Bründlinger


Senior Research Engineer



Competence Unit

Electric Energy Systems




+43 50550 6351


+43 50550 6390


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Urban Resilience and Transformation

Main Research: Grid Connected Power Converters

Experience: M.Sc. (DI) degree in Electrical Power Engineering, specializing on Energy technology and Sustainable Energy Engineering (2000) from the Technical University Graz, Austria. As Senior Engineer responsible for qualification and conformity testing of inverters for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and working in projects dealing with grid-interconnection of DER, focusing on protection and safety of Smart Grids interfaces, communication and active control of DER systems; Coordinator of national research projects dealing with the impacts of DG on the PQ, industrial projects dealing with development of protection systems and grid connected PV inverters; Member of the board of DERlab, the European Association of leading laboratories and research institutes in the field of distributed energy resources equipment and systems, responsible for the activities on pre-standardisation and grid interconnection of DER. Work package leader in various European Projects (DISPOWER, PV-MIPS, DERRI). Deputy coordinator of the Technical Committee “Photovoltaics” in the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) as well as member in international Standardisation Committees; National representative for Task 1 (Communication and Dissemination) of the IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme; Operating Agent of the IEA-PVPS Task 14 - High Penetration PV in Electricity Grids.

  • 2001-2014: Senior Engineer
    AIT / Current
  • 2004 - To date: OVE TSK E03 Photovoltaik
  • 2010-: IEA-PVPS Task 14 High Penetration PV in Electricity Grids (Operating Agent)
  • 2013-: IEA-ISGAN Smart Grids International Research Facility Network (National Expert)
  • 2010-: DERlab European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e. V. (Member of the Board)
  • 2007: „Best Paper Award“, 17th Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Fukuoka, Japan


  • Power converter circuit with ac output
    Inventor: Gerald Deboy, Roland Bruendlinger, Filip Andrèn, Felix Lehfuss
    Submission Date: 07.08.2011
    Issue Date: 01.10.2013

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