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Researcher Profile

Dr.-Ing. Tilman Barz

Dr.-Ing. Tilman  Barz


Senior Scientist



Competence Unit

Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems




+43 50550 6426


+43 50550-6679


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Smart Spatial Planning Systems

Main Research: Generation of adaptive calibration models; data-driven dynamic modelling for systems simulation, monitoring and control

Experience: Tilman Barz received a master’s degree in Energy and Chemical Engineering in 2004 from Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Until 2007 he worked at the Center for Human-Machine Systems at the same university and he received the PhD degree in 2008 in the field of Advanced Process Control and User-Centered Design. From 2008 to 2014 he joined the Chair of Process Dynamics and Control at TU Berlin where he worked as a post-doc, lecturer and research group leader investigating techniques for adaptive identification of numerical models in the context of chemical and bioprocess engineering. Since 2014 he works as Senior Scientist at the Business Unit Efficiency of Industrial Processes and Systems at the Center for Energy at AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) where his main responsibilities involve strategic development of research projects in the field of Computer Aided Systems Engineering, smart monitoring and control in the context of Industry 4.0, and mentoring/supervising junior scientist and PhD candidates. Tilman Barz is the co-author of more than 60 scientific publications (journal publications, book chapters, conference papers, technical reports) as well as one patent in the above-mentioned areas. He has 10+ years of experience in conducting research on adaptive techniques for model calibration and experimental design, data-driven numerical modeling for dynamic systems analysis and control, and experimental validation in process systems engineering.


  • Nonlinear ill-posed problem analysis in model-based parameter estimation and experimental design
    Author(s): López Cárdenas, D.C., Barz, T., Körkel, S., and Wozny, G.
    Journal: Computers & Chemical Engineering , 77 (2015) ; 24-42
  • Real-time adaptive input design for the determination of competitive adsorption isotherms in liquid chromatography
    Author(s): Barz, T., López Cárdenas, D.C. and Cruz Bournazou, M.N., Körkel, S., and Walter, S.F.
    Journal: Computers & Chemical Engineering , 94 (2016) ; 104-116
  • Online optimal experimental re-design in robotic parallel fed-batch cultivation facilities for validation of macro-kinetic growth models using E. coli as an example
    Author(s): Cruz Bournazou, M.N., Barz, T., Nickel, D., López C., D.C., Glauche, F., Knepper, A., and Neubauer, P.
    Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering , 114 (2017) ; 104-116
  • State and state of charge estimation for a latent heat storage
    Author(s): Barz, T., Seliger, D., Marx, K., Sommer, A., Walter, S. F., Bock, H. G., and Körkel, S.
    Journal: Control Engineering Practice, 72 (2018) ; 151–166
  • Phenomenological modelling of phase transitions with hysteresis in solid/liquid PCM
    Author(s): Barz, T., Emhofer, J., Marx, K., Zsembinszki, G., and Cabeza, L.F.
    Journal: Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 12(6) (2019) ; 770-788
  • Verfahren zur Bestimmung eines Ladezustands eines Latentwärmspeichers (AT 518791 A4 2018-01-15)
    Inventor: Barz, T.
    Submission Date: 15.01.2018
    Issue Date: 15.01.2018

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