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Daniele Basciotti

 Daniele Basciotti




Low-Emission Transport

Competence Unit

Electric Drive Technologies




+43 50550 6652


+43 50550 6613


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Propulsion technologies

Main Research: Multiphysical modeling, Lab validation

Experience: He has specialized in the fields of thermal systems’ simulation and optimization with a focus on electric vehicle heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system design. He is currently involved in national and international research projects, among others in charge of the development of an energy efficient HVAC system for a truck cabin conditioning.


  • Calibration and validation of a solar thermal system model in Modelica
    Author(s): G. Fontanella, D. Basciotti, F. Dubisch, F. Judex, A. Preisler, C. Hettfleisch, V. Vukovic, T. Selke
    Journal: Building Simulation, 5 (2012) ; 293-300
  • Development and validation of a desiccant wheel model calibrated under transient operating conditions
    Author(s): A. Muzaffar, V. Vukovic, M. Hussain, D. Basciotti
    Journal: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2 (2013) ; 469-480
  • Dynamic equation-based thermo-hydraulic pipe model for district heating and cooling systems
    Author(s): B.van der Heijde, M.Fuchs, C.Ribas Tugorese, G.Schweiger, K.Sartor, D.Basciotti, D.Müller, C.Nytsch-Geusen, M.Wetter, L.Helsen
    Journal: Energy Conversion and Management, 151 (2017) ; 158-169
  • Studying the potential of multi-carrier energy distribution grids: A holistic approach
    Author(s): 32. E. Widl, T. Jacobs, D. Schwabeneder, S. Nicolas, D. Basciotti, S. Henein, T.-G. Noh, O. Terreros, A. Schuelke, H. Auer
    Journal: Energy, 153 (2018) ; 519-529
  • Simulation based analysis and evaluation of domestic hot water preparation principles for low temperature district heating networks
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt, M. Köfinger, C. Doczekal
    Conference The 14th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Peak reduction in district heating networks - A comparison study and practical considerations
    Author(s): D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt
    Conference The 14th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Simulation based analysis of demand side management as enabler for heat pumps in district heating networks
    Author(s): Basciotti, D.; Takle, A.; Schmidt, R.-R.
    Conference 3rd international conference on smart energy systems and 4th generation district heating, Copenhagen

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