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Dr.-Ing. Tilman Barz

Dr.-Ing. Tilman  Barz


Senior Scientist



Competence Unit

Sustainable Thermal Energy System




+43 50550 6426


+43 50550-6679


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna


Field: Thermal Energy in Buildings

Main Research: physical modeling, dynamic systems, model calibration, model based control and experimental design

Experience: Dr. Barz has joined AIT as Senior Scientist in 2014 and has 10+ years of experience in conducting research on process dynamics and operation, process control, model validation and numerical methods. Prior to his engagement at AIT, he was chairing a research group focused on model-based analysis and optimization of chemical and biological systems at the Technical University of Berlin. Tilman holds a Master Degree in Energy and Chemical Engineering and PhD in Process / Control & Automation from the Technical University of Berlin.


  • An efficient sparse approach to sensitivity generation for large-scale dynamic optimization
    Author(s): Barz, T., Kuntsche, S., Wozny, G., and Arellano-Garcia, H.
    Journal: Computers & Chemical Engineering, 35/10 (2011) ; 2053-2065
  • Simultaneous solution approach to model-based experimental design
    Author(s): Hoang, M.D., Barz, T., Merchan, V.A., Biegler, L.T., and Arellano-Garcia, H.
    Journal: AIChE Journal , 59/11 (2013) ; 4169-4183
  • Nonlinear ill-posed problem analysis in model-based parameter estimation and experimental design
    Author(s): López Cárdenas, D.C., Barz, T., Körkel, S., and Wozny, G.
    Journal: Computers & Chemical Engineering, 77 (2015) ; 24-42
  • Real-time adaptive input design for the determination of competitive adsorption isotherms in liquid chromatography
    Author(s): Barz, T., López Cárdenas, D.C. and Cruz Bournazou, M.N., Körkel, S., and Walter, S.F.
    Journal: Computers & Chemical Engineering, 94 (2016) ; 104-116
  • Online optimal experimental re-design in robotic parallel fed-batch cultivation facilities for validation of macro-kinetic growth models using E. coli as an example
    Author(s): Cruz Bournazou, M.N., Barz, T., Nickel, D., López C., D.C., Glauche, F., Knepper, A., and Neubauer, P.
    Journal: Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 114 (2017) ; 610-619

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