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VISION is one of the world's leading trade fairs in the machine vision industry. It is a meeting place for many international companies and an important anchor for a worldwide audience.
Our experts present the following technologies at AIT booth 1D82:


ICI: inspect - simultaneous 2D & 3D image processing
Inline Computational Imaging (ICI) is a new technology for the simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection of moving objects. It combines the advantages of light field and photometry in a compact and robust solution. The low system complexity, largely independent of the reflective properties of the test objects and the high adaptability to accuracy and speed make the process a future-proof solution for industrial inspection.

LightScan – A Minimalist Modular Depth Sensor
Scalable 3D measurement technology. The AIT camera projector and camera-camera technologies are scalable in geometry and wavelength and measure object with sizes from 2 mm to 2 m and a wide variety of reflection properties.

Dynamic Vision Sensor – Online Microscopic Wire Inspector
The Dynamic Vision sensor technology enables 100% in-line control in production. This bio-inspired technology works reliably even under the most difficult lighting conditions. One of the many fields of application of these sensors is the microscopic inspection of the thinnest particle-coated wires with diameters of less than 100  µ m and particle sizes of approx. 6  µm on the moving wire directly in the production line.

xposure:camera+flash – High-Speed Imaging @ 600kHz
High-speed imaging with the world's fastest line scan camera, xposure:camera, and the world's fastest LED lighting, xposure:flash! Highest speeds, smallest installation spaces, maximum application possibilities.

Deep: Inspect - Deep Learning in Industrial Inspection
Is deep learning the new universal tool for industrial image processing? AIT shows familiar and new industrial applications for deep learning and is a competent partner for discussing where and how Deep Learning can be used for your application.