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Center for Mobility Systems

Holistic, intelligent and sustainable: Solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

On the path to a holistic mobility ecosystem

The invention of the wheel was without doubt one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is indisputably the origin of the subsequent revolution that began 6,000 years ago. It significantly shaped the mobility of persons and thus also society; mobility became the epitome of freedom. To drive, fly, go to wherever you want to or have to, is both a desire and something we take for granted. Having everything available at all times is a demand of the globalised world with which we are confronted. For many years decision-makers in the economy and politics raced to advance their visions, products and services under the motto “faster-higher-further”.

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Today we are witnessing a paradigm shift: the mobility of persons and goods is undergoing a fundamental change. In addition to rapid technological progress, the deciding factors in this respect include primarily urban growth and demographic development, clearly defined ecological targets as well as changes in the working world. Trends such as the sharing economy and the desire for a socially just, secure and barrier-free mobility for everyone are gaining in importance.

The parallel existence of the mobility of persons, goods transport and its associated transport infrastructure is increasingly being replaced by an interaction between existing and future technologies and stakeholders. The mobility system must, however, at the same time meet the needs of people. Developments such as mobility as a service, synchromodality, automated driving, physical internet or intelligent roads are great challenges for us. The development of economically and socially viable solutions requires a holistic approach and close cooperation between all those involved.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary team of experts, the AIT Center for Mobility Systems has such a holistic view with regard to the mobility ecosystem and every single development as well as every single project. Convergence is part of every solution. Every solution is part of the convergent system.

Our intention is to give you an overview of the contributions we make to shaping tomorrow’s world of mobility. The Center for Mobility Systems carries out its research independently – on behalf of science – and develops solutions – on behalf of the economic sector.


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Our solutions: Smart outlooks on the mobility of the future. For a detailed view please click on the picture.

Our mobility experts – interdisciplinary and competent

More than 100 highly-qualified, specialised and international experts work at the Center for Mobility Systems. Our interdisciplinary team carries out research and development in the fields of mobility data collection and analysis, passenger flow analysis and impact assessment, mobility behavioural research, traffic planning, simulation und predictive models, structural dynamics and acoustics, road safety, road infrastructure and transport logistics and optimisation.

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Areas of research

Dynamic Transportation Systems

Transportation Infrastructure Technologies