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Center for Digital Safety & Security

In the context of comprehensive and global networking and digitization the Center for Digital Safety & Security is developing modern information and communication technologies (ICT) and systems in order to establish secure and reliable critical infrastructure.

The center focuses on the following key technology areas: Cyber ​​Security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Cyber ​​Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT), highly secure and highly available software and systems as well as next generation wireless communication (5G), advanced encryption methods (Quantum Safe) for virtual IT systems, data science for new approaches to modern data management (big data, blockchain technologies), as well as latest sensor technologies and systems for the protection of critical infrastructure, command and control systems for use in modern crises and disaster management, as well as property protection within critical infrastructure and digital identity management by state-of-the-art biometrics sensors.

In close cooperation with organizations from the industry, science and public sector, a strategic technology research as well as the development of prototypes up to the validation of applications in disruptive eco-systems takes place. The Center for Digital Safety & Security has a recognized position in national and international innovation programs of security research programs and is based on strategic partnerships with key national security actors (BMI and BMLVS), as well as in international industrial initiatives such as ECSO (European Cyber ​​Security Organization) https://www.ecs-org.eu/, PSCE (Public Safety Communication Europe) http://www.psc-europe.eu/, EARTO/EUROTECH Security Group (task force of European research organizations in the safety context) http://www.earto.eu/, ARTEMIS/ECSEL (European technology and research platform in the area of embedded and cyber physical systems) https://www.artemis-ju.eu/, EPoSS (European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration) https://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public and euRobotics https://www.eu-robotics.net/.


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