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Dr Joerg Schotter

Dr Joerg Schotter




Health & Bioresources

Competence Unit

Molecular Diagnostics




+43 50550 4302


+43 50550 4399


Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna


Field: Molecular Diagnostics

Main Research: Diagnostics biosensors

Experience: My research is devoted to exploiting magnetic principles for the detection and analysis of biomolecules. This includes both heterogeneous assays comprising magnetoresistive transducers as well as magnetic nanoparticles for homogeneous assays. The latter concept is based on optically observing changes in the magnetorelaxation of rod-shaped nanoparticle probes on specific binding of target molecules, which we successfully demonstrated within the frame of the FP7 NMP project NAMDIATREAM. This project was recently awarded as the best of more than 1000 European projects in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials (FutureFlash! Best Project competition 2015).

In summary, my main areas of research include:
- Magnetic biosensors & magnetic lab-on-a-chip systems
- Magnetic nanoparticle biosensors
- Magnetoresistive sensors and devices

  • 2005-now: Scientist
    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH / Austria


  • Ultrahigh-Density Nanowire Arrays Grown in Self-Assembled Diblock Copolymer Templates
    Author(s): Thurn-Albrecht, T.; Schotter, J.; Kastle, G.A.; Emley, N.; Shibauchi, T.; Krusin-Elbaum, L.; Guarini, K.; Black, C.T.; Tuominen, M.T.; Russell, T.P.
    Journal: Science, 290 (2000) ; 2126-2129
  • Comparison of a prototype magnetoresistive biosensor to standard fluorescent DNA detection
    Author(s): Schotter, J.; Kamp, P.B.; Becker, A.; Pühler, A.; Reiss, G.; Brückl, H.
    Journal: Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 19 (2004) ; 1149-1156
  • Magnetoresistive-based real-time cell phagocytosis monitoring
    Author(s): Shoshi, A.; Schotter, J.; Schroeder, P.; Milnera, M.; Ertl, P.; Charwat, V.; Purtscher, M.; Heer, R.; Eggeling, M.; Reiss, G.; Brueckl, H.
    Journal: Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 36 (2012) ; 116-122
  • Modeling and development of a biosensor based on optical relaxation measurements of hybrid nanoparticles
    Author(s): Schrittwieser, S.; Ludwig, F.; Dieckhoff, J.; Soulantica, K.; Viau, G.; Lacroix, L.-M.; Lentijo, S.Mozo; Boubekri, R.; Maynadié, J.; Huetten, A.; Brueckl, H.; Schotter, J.
    Journal: ACS Nano, 6 (2012) ; 791-801
  • Direct protein detection in the sample solution by monitoring rotational dynamics of nickel nanorods
    Author(s): Schrittwieser, S.; Ludwig, F.; Dieckhoff, J.; Tschoepe, A.; Guenther, A.; Richter, M.; Huetten, A.; Brueckl, H.; Schotter, J.
    Journal: Small, 10 (2014) ; 407-411
  • Homogeneous Biosensing Based on Magnetic Particle Labels
    Author(s): Schrittwieser, S.; Pelaz, B.; Parak, W. J.; Lentijo-Mozo, S.; Soulantica, K.; Dieckhoff, J.; Ludwig, F.; Guenther, A.; Tschope, A.; Schotter, J.;
    Journal: Sensors , 16 (2016) ; 828
  • Direct protein quantification in complex sample solutions by surface-engineered nanorod probes
    Author(s): Schrittwieser, S; Pelaz, B; Parak, W. J.; Lentijo-Mozo, S.; Soulantica, K.; Dieckhoff, J.; Ludwig, F.; Schotter, J.
    Journal: Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) ; 4752
  • Optical measurement method for molecular detection using relaxation measurement in optically anisotropic nanoparticles and device for performing the method (AT503845, EP2147314, CN101743475, US9068978, dates from EP patent)
    Inventor: Schotter, J.; Bethge, O.; Maier, T.; Brueckl, H.
    Submission Date: 27.03.2008
    Issue Date: 15.04.2015
  • Apparatus for enhancing the reaction efficiency, especially the binding efficiency, between molecules and molecular moieties (AT503573, EP2004317)
    Inventor: Heer, R.; Eggeling, M.; Schotter, J.; Noehammer, C.; Pichler, R.; Mansfeld, M.
    Submission Date: 13.04.2006
    Issue Date: 15.11.2007
  • Nanocylinder arrays (US7190049)
    Inventor: Touminen, M.; Schotter, J.; Thurn-Albrecht, T.; Russell, T.P.
    Submission Date: 23.03.2001
    Issue Date: 13.03.2007

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