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Landkarte mit markierungen. Man kann aussuchen wie man sein Ziel erreichen möchte, per Auto, zu Fuß, ,it dem Fahrrad oder mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln

My personal intelligent mobility service

MyITS was a project that aimed at creating new technologies for routing services that allow users to find an appropriate route according to their personal preferences. In particular, intention-oriented routing which is a direct result of combining classical routing-services with Semantic Web technologies was developed. Thereby, the intention of a user can be easily incorporated into route planning. Two use cases where this hybridization is of great significance were developed: neighborhood routing, where a neighborhood can be explored (e.g. searching for events around your place) and via routing, where errands should be run along a route (e.g. buying the ingredients for dinner on your way home). A combination of different methods was applied to achieve these services,

vereinfachte Darstellung des Wiener U-Bahn netzes
  •  A combination of semantic web search and multimodal routing
  • Innovative methods for routing including generation of route alternatives
  • Personalization of service through individualized route suggestions.