New thermal storage up to 300°C

Project goal

Thermal storages are a key technology to enable the widespread use of intermittent renewable heat sources (e.g. solar energy) and to increase the energy efficiency (waste heat recovery) in industries and cities. Especially in processes and applications that require energy on a constant temperature level, latent heat storage are superior to the more common sensible heat storages. Although, a lot of different Phase Change Materials (PCMs) have been investigated, there are no economically competitive products available especially for industrial applications. In this project, we investigate new materials that might resolve this issue. After an initial extensive material characterization, a lab-scale storage is built and analysed to conduct the “proof of concept”. As a result, the main technological challenges as well as necessary industrial partners for a large-scale realization within further RnD projects have been identified.


This project is co-funded  by the Climate and Energy funds and is implemented in the context of the programme "e!mission".