Power System Technologies Development & Validation

Tomorrow’s electric energy systems will rely on smart, safe and reliable components which are able to communicate with the power grid using advanced ICT infrastructure. The AIT Center for Energy supports manufacturers in the design and testing of power system components and provides consulting and development support for efficient system integration. 


Our Services

  • Power electronic system engineering
  • Design verification and pre-qualificationof power electronic system components
  • Testing of grid-connected power converters:power quality and grid interaction, grid monitoringand protective devices, converter performance
  • Testing of high-voltage and high-power system components
  • Grid-code consulting: up-to-date knowledgeof national and international grid codes,design review of converters and protection systems
  • Development support for ICT integrationof smart grid components


Your benefit

  • Shorter time-to-market for new smart grid components
  • I ncreased safety of electronic components
  • Comprehensive experience in component design, application engineering and power system integration