Evaluierung von Querungsstellen mittels risikobasierter Bewertungsverfahren

(VSF, bmvit)

The aim of OBSERVE is to evaluate road safety measures and theirpotential to decrease the accident or injuryrisk. Especially pedestrian crossings, where different transport modes converge, are critical spots in the road network. One the one hand this criticality also results from the assumption that "crosswalks" are regarded as the safest type of road crossings,as by law pedestrians is given priority there.

On the other hand, crosswalks which do not correspond to valid standards grant in fact an apparent protection, but create wrong safety expectations, which are not fulfilled in reality. The development of a risk evaluation procedure is based on data of the local accident statistics, observations of pedestrian-driver-interaction, traffic counting and local circumstances.

This project is funded by theAustrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the Austrian Traffic Safety Fund (ÖsterreichischerVerkehrssicherheitsfondsVSF).



  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • SLR Engineering GmbH