New R&I Processes and Systems

Analysis of New Forms of Research & Innovation

The AIT focuses on innovation research concerning the grand challenges of the future, such as resource scarcity, increasing complexity of social and natural systems or globalization.

New R&I Processes & Systems deals with the analysis of new forms of research and innovation (R&I) and the institutional contexts in which these activities take place. The focus is first on identifying and analyzing new forms and patterns of R&I in firms, universities, public research organizations and civil society, and on exploring the implications of these developments for research and innovation management and policy. Secondly, the Research Field aims at advancing qualitative and quantitative methods for identifying emerging developments in R&I and society. In particular, we concentrate on monitoring, bibliometric and other data mining techniques for identifying and visualizing patterns and “weak signals” from a broad range of data sources (e.g. publications, patents, collaborative research programmes, internet, social media, etc.), and on econometric and social network analysis methods for analyzing these data.