Research and development of software technology for high-speed systems

Different software concepts are researched, developed, and used in the High Speed Image Processing research service. The goal is to be able to process extremely large quantities of data in the shortest time possible. Real time is usually also needed, that is, the results must be available at a defined point in time. The work of our scientists is currently focused on the following software technologies:

  • Basic software concepts for the processing of extremely large quantities of data in parallel systems
  • Development of algorithms for extremely large quantities of data, especially in the area of pattern recognition
  • Application-specific user interfaces for the adjustment, calibration, and operation of high-speed systems

The service offer includes the entire spectrum from direct R&D contracts to cooperative research, feasibility studies, training and consulting, to service and support.

Reference projects:

  • Inspection systems for products in quality and safety printing(e.g. bank nodes, stamps, passports, certificates, films, packaging printing, etc.)
  • Coin sorting for "Licht ins Dunkel"
  • Preventing the smuggling of antique coins (COINS)
  • Inspection systems for rails