Development and integration of cameras for high-speed systems.

Linear cameras of different types and technologies (CCD, CMOS, TDI) are integrated into high-speed systems. If available, commercially available cameras are used. However, if special features of the cameras are required for the technical implementation of a system, custom cameras can also be developed. Current high-end development includes a high-speed sensor that produces 200,000 image lines per second in color, and as many as 600,000 image lines in grayscale. At an image resolution of 0.1 mm, this enables a maximum object speed of 72 km/h (216 km/h for grayscale images), or at 0.5 mm a maximum object speed of 360 km/h (1080 km/h for grayscale).

The service offer includes the entire spectrum from direct R&D contracts to cooperative research, feasibility studies, training and consulting, to service and support.

Reference projects:

  • Inspection systems for products in quality and safety printing(e.g. bank nodes, stamps, passports, certificates, films, packaging printing, etc.)
  • Coin sorting for "Licht ins Dunkel"
  • Inspection systems for rails