Development of high-speed systems for specific complex tasks.

Only when the sensor, hardware, and software technologies are perfectly balanced can a high-speed system utilize its technical resources optimally, leading to a reasonable price/performance ratio. The interdisciplinary orientation of the staff of the High Speed Image Processing research service consistently implement the concept of hardware/software co-design. Finally, the user interfaces needed for the successful use of this type of high-speed system are also developed. Complex tasks are made usable for the user by consistent use of the user's "language".

The service offer includes the entire spectrum from direct R&D contracts to cooperative research, feasibility studies, training and consulting, to service and support.

Reference projects:

  • Inspection systems for products in quality and safety printing(e.g. bank nodes, stamps, passports, certificates, films, packaging printing, etc.)
  • Coin sorting for "Licht ins Dunkel"
  • Inspection systems for rails