Contextual Experience

Technology Experience

The key to success of a product might be found in positive experience and successful interaction between human beings and technology.

The main aim and focus of the Contextual User Experience Research Field is the creation of distinct experiences for specific situations based on three specific viewpoints of users in terms of experience.

Users will have different motivations for using technology, depending on the characteristics of humans as individuals and as social beings striving for different personal values. Technologies should enhance the possibilities to communicate and collaborate with others; consider personal barriers, fears, attitudes and values and enhance people’s possibilities to move, travel and experience the environment they live in. These viewpoints intentionally overlap with the potential to achieve more integrated-experience qualities. However, it is worthwhile to examine different viewpoints in different research streams to tackle different innovation approaches, address and integrate different research communities, create different project potentials and uncover new technological possibilities from an experience perspective.

The three specific experience viewpoints will form the three elements of the Research Program, which are Social and Collaborative Experience, Personal-Value Enhancing Experience and Mobile User Experience. All three will incorporate a methodologically-driven research and innovation strategy.