Battery Technologies

The battery is the centrepiece of modern electric drive concepts. Therefore, great efforts are being made worldwide to make this electric energy storage unit as efficient, powerful, cost-effective and safe as possible.

Battery research plays a central role for the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. The scientists are pursuing a holistic research and development approach that improves the key performance indicators of the battery itself while also optimising its integration into the vehicle. The entire development process from material optimisation to battery testing through to system design is covered.

Unsere Services:

  • modellunterstützte Batteriematerialentwicklung und –Optimierung
  • industrienahes Elektrodenengineering und Zellfertigung
  • umfassende physiko- und elektrochemische Charakterisierung (in- und ex-situ Methoden)
  • post-mortem-Analyse
  • akkreditierte elektrische-, Umwelt- und Sicherheitstests auf Zell-, Modul- und Systemebene
  • SOX (State of Health, State of Charge etc.)–Bestimmung
  • Simulationen in 1 und 3D auf Zell- und Systemebene inklusive Alterung
  • Zellauswahl und Benchmarking auf Basis umfangreicher Batteriedatenbanken
group picture of the researchteam in white lab coats

Forschungsteam Battery Technologies

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On the search for new energy cells

The focus of the battery technologie field is lithium-ion-technologie. Prof. Dr. Atanaska Trifonova's team covers the entire product chain from the material design to cell design and through to system levle.




eCAIMAN active materials for high-voltage cells 

AIT Scientists are testing active materials for high-voltage cells to improve energy density and lower costs.