Road traffic is regarded as one of the biggest sources of noise in urban areas and along main traffic routes. The AIT's acoustic specialists combine ultra-precise measurements taken on site with comprehensive simulations in order to model traffic-related noise emissions numerically. The results of measurements and simulations form the basis for the development of low-noise road surfaces and help manufacturers of noise protection elements to develop and infrastructure operators to implement effective noise protection measures along particularly noisy routes.

Road surfaces

  • Rolling noise and pass-by noise measurements for acoustic characterisation of road surfaces
  • Modelling and analysis of tyre-road surface interaction using sound field simulations 

Noise barriers

  • Measurement and acoustic analysis of noise barriers in terms of effectiveness and long-term behaviour (Adrienne method)
  • Optimisation of noise barriers in terms of geometry, surface, materials and positioning using the latest simulation techniques
  • Forecasting of effectiveness of noise protection measures using sound field and sound propagation simulations

Other acoustic services

  • Approval certificates according to §31a Railway Act in the field of noise protection
  • Acoustic analyses within the scope of accreditation


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