Digital Safety & Security

The Digital Safety & Security Department is developing cutting-edge information and communication technologies (ICT) designed to ensure safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructures. This includes areas such as public administration (eGovernment, eEnvironment), power supply, the health sector (eHealth, AAL), transmission networks, payment systems and telecommunications.

The Department‘s research activities address topics such as data protection, detection and prevention of unauthorised access to data or video-based security systems. Another focus is on ensuring the personal safety of individuals through properly functioning and reliable systems.

The research focus is driven by the following major trends in ICT:

  • Increasing networking: Internet of Things, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, etc.
  • Growing complexity of ICT infrastructures and associated dependence of applications: smart grids, smart city, eMobility, eGovernment, eHealth, eEnvironment, etc.
  • Open network architectures such as standard protocols, third-party interfaces, etc.

These developments are leading to a growing dependence on technical systems and considerably higher risks in their usage. Therefore, the Department’s activities aim to achieve higher security and availability levels for critical national infrastructures through the use of ICT technologies, tools and methods.

Research Fields