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Current news

--Transport Research Arena 2016 in Warsaw - Call for Abstracts 18.04.2016 [more]
--18th ITI Symposium in Dresden 19.11.2015 [more]
--Evgeniya Kabliman, AIT Mobility, is FEMtech expert 13.11.2015 [more]
--The Future of Tokyo? 13.11.2015 [more]
--AIT Mobility hosts the task force Magnesium Recycling of the German Society for Materials Science (DGM) 12.11.2015 [more]
--North Rhine-Westphalia Delegation Visit 12.11.2015 [more]
--eCarTec Munich / MATERIALICA / sMove360 World Mobility Summit 29.10.2015 [more]
--22nd ITS World Congress and Exhibition Bordeaux 20.10.2015 [more]
--Vienna Research Festival 2015 – Hands-on Research 15.10.2015 [more]
--New Challenges for Head of Business Unit 14.10.2015 [more]


Mobility is a basic human need and a cornerstone of the economy. However, global challenges such as climate change, a depletion of raw materials, an increase in transport volume and urbanisation are forcing us to take a fundamentally different approach. Mobility, for instance, has to meet three key requirements: safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. The way we respond to these challenges has to be factored into every level of the mobility system: from vehicle and infrastructure to transport system.

Thanks to a staff of 162 people and an integrated approach, the Mobility Department is able to cover those areas of research which are integral to a holistic view of the mobility system. This pool of expertise enables us to address a wide range of emerging topics.

  • Improving transport infrastructure in terms of increased safety and cost-efficiency in the context of operation and maintenance,
  • the optimisation of co-modal transport systems, which encompass all forms of transport (pedestrian, individual and public transport), as well as
  • the development of integrated vehicle concepts featuring electric drive concepts and lightweight construction technologies, both of which are key technologies, are at the heart of our research activities.

Learn more about the Mobility Department Business Units and Research Areas.

Head of Department

Dr. Christian Chimani
Head of Mobility Department

T: +43 50550-6233
F: +43 50550-6642
Giefinggasse 2
1210 Wien

Marketing and Communication

Nancy Brandt
Marketing and Communication

T: +43 50550 6322
F: +43 50550 6642
Giefinggasse 2
1210 Wien




Current events

--Zero Emission Cities 2015 – the Mobility of Tomorrow 01.12.2015 [more]
--18th ITI Symposium in Dresden 09.11.2015 [more]
--eCarTec Munich / MATERIALICA / sMove360 World Mobility Summit 20.10.2015 [more]
--ITS World Congress and Exhibition Bordeaux 05.10.2015 [more]
--Vienna Research Festival 2015 – Hands-on Research 11.09.2015 [more]
--[Translate to English:] FSV-Verkehrstag 2015 Wien 11.06.2015 [more]
--ELOCOT 2015 Vienna 10.06.2015 [more]
--VeRoLog 2015 Vienna 08.06.2015 [more]
--Industrial Workshop in Vienna 20.05.2015 [more]
--8th Light Metal Days Ranshofen 04.11.2014 [more]